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Are You Eating Enough Greens? Here is Why You Should.

This is a question that came up in my life recently.

While I like to think that I eat a lot of vegetables…after struggling with some minor issues earlier this summer it was brought to my attention by my naturopath that I was not consistently eating enough greens.

Nailing it one to two days a week does not a healthy habit make (sadly).


Dark green vegetables are “powerhouses”. Especially if they are dark and leafy green.

What exactly does this mean?

The short answer…they are really nutritious.

For the more technical it means they supply on average 10% or more of the daily value of 17 qualifying nutrients per 100 calories.

Packed with vitamins and minerals like vitamins A, D, E and K, folate, fiber, antioxidants, magnesium, calcium, iron and potassium it is no wonder that these vegetables are all the rage among health conscious eaters.

Low in calories (provided you don’t drown them in butter and cheese) green vegetables provide a macronutrient balance of protein and fiber (in particular) that keeps you satiated (satisfied & full) for longer which means you can eat more and weigh less.

Who doesn’t want that?

How much of these nutritional gems “should” we be eating?

As a general rule, three cups of dark green vegetables per week but anywhere between 1/2 cup (for kids) to 1 1/2 cups (for women) will ensure you meet the minimum guidelines. When it comes to eating leafy greens…more is definitely better!

Wondering what to eat?

Watercress, chard, beet greens, spinach and chicory are considered the top powerhouse vegetables…but Chinese cabbage, collard greens, kale and leaf lettuce are strong contenders.

As I pondered my relationship to leafy greens (or lack thereof at times) I realized that a barrier for me since moving to Peterborough has been finding good quality, organic produce.

One of the harder things about leaving British Columbia was giving up my weekly trips to Whole Foods Market. Oh how spoiled I had become!

Fortunately, Peterborough is an amazing place and recently I discovered a farm that offers CSA baskets.

New to the CSA or farm-share experience initially I was nervous…what if the season is a flop and my basket arrives empty?

A quick chat with the farmer (how cool that you can speak to the farmer growing your food!) and I was reassured.

Six weeks into my weekly farm-share basket and I can’t shut up about how great it is!

If you want to eat more greens…or more vegetables in general…I encourage you to check out the CSA basket experience.

Picked up locally or delivered right to your door (depending on the farm you purchase from) there is no easier way to get vegetables into your house (and into your body) save growing your own. Which sadly my neighbourhood squirrels have made it hard to do.

My farm of choice is Lunar Rhythm Gardens. They offer half and full shares and a Thursday pick-up in Peterborough. Click here to learn more about them.

What we eat (or don’t eat) has a huge impact on every aspect of our health…especially our spine and nervous system.

If you want to improve your health and/or get more from your Chiropractic care consider upping your intake of dark green leafy vegetables.

Until next time…

Live Well for Life!

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