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Did You Know That Low-Force Adjustments Are Effective?

Crack. Pop. Snap.activator toolThese sounds are often associated with chiropractic adjustments. Even reading them out loud can be uncomfortable, let alone hearing them come from your body.

The good news is you can get effective chiropractic adjustments without these sounds. In fact, you can get chiropractic care done without force or risk of anything more than a little soreness as your body heals from the inside out.

Subluxations: Why We Need Chiropractic Care

So, why do people need adjustments?

Ordinary or extraordinary wear and tear on the body can lead to muscle tension, inflammation, pain, and possible biomechanical, degenerative changes in the body. We consider these downstream effects that can all be traced back to subluxations in the spine.

What is a subluxation? It means the spine isn’t moving at a certain point, likely because of misalignment or stress.

The goal of a chiropractic adjustment is to correct subluxations and restore mobility to the spine. There are many, many methods for doing this. Let’s focus on two.

Manual vs. Tonal Technique

Traditional chiropractic care usually utilizes the manual technique, as a chiropractor manually uses force to adjust bones to address subluxations. While this can work, Dr. Ange is passionate about using a more modern neurological approach, called the tonal technique.

Tonal adjustments are higher-level ones that avoid significant force. While manual adjustments look for pain points and force corrective movement, the tonal technique focuses on expanding the body’s points of ease.

Using a small instrument called an Integrator™, the aim is to initiate an ease response in the body, starting at the source of a subluxation.

Why the Tonal Technique Is Effective

The primary source of a subluxation is not the area where your body feels pain–the pain is a downstream effect felt elsewhere. Dr. Ange finds the primary source by doing an in-depth analysis at the beginning of each visit, leading to a non-linear style where adjustments are based on your body, not on her preconceived notions.

Once discovered, she applies the Integrator™ at the primary source. It’s a painless tap.

The rest of the spine then unwinds on its own, as the body responds to the relaxation felt at a neurological level.

Work With Your Body, Not Against It

While the manual technique can be effective, there are more risks and potential for discomfort, as adjustments work against the body rather than with it.

With tonal, low-force adjustments, the body aligns itself. It is painless, accessible to all age groups, and can lead to a wider variety of benefits, including better emotional health.

All without the fear-inducing sounds of traditional chiropractic care.

Give our practice a call today to book an appointment!

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