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The Biggest Mistake Baby Wearing Mom's Make & How to Fix It!

Do you want to wear your baby but are worried that you might do it wrong?  If so you are not alone.  I’m Dr. Ange Wellman from the Wellman Clinic and in today’s video I’m going to share with you the biggest mistake I see baby wearing mom’s make and how to prevent it.

I absolutely loved wearing my babies…in fact when my first daughter was born I went so far as to start a mom and baby hiking group called Babes in the Woods.  I swear my daughter Kate had some of her best naps on those outings while I had a chance to connect with other new mom’s in nature.

Here are just a few of the benefits of wearing your baby:

  • It soothes baby
  • It’s good for cognitive & social development
  • It’s good for their health & well-being
  • You can nurse discreetly
  • You get to keep up with life, hands-free
  • It’s a great way to bond
  • It can decrease the risk of postpartum depression
  • It’s a great way for dad to connect with baby in a deeper way

As a Chiropractor I help mom’s not only understand the benefits of wearing their baby but also the importance of correct positioning in the carrier.

By far the biggest mistake that I see new baby wearers make is not supporting baby’s hips properly.  I also see far too many parents not taking into consideration their own spines when deciding to carry their babies and this can have long term consequences in terms of back pain and mobility issues.

So what is the right way to wear baby?

The ideal position for carrying your baby is with legs spread apart approximately 90 degrees from each other and legs bent 90 degrees in flexion, in a seated position.  Said another way you want your baby to be in a M position.

This is the ideal position for healthy, natural development of the hip joint and limits potential for future hip problems.  It is easiest to achieve this position by carrying your baby on your front and having them face inward.  When baby faces away from you it puts them in an upright posture, which limits the slight humpback that is normal for proper spinal development in infants.

Once baby reaches 5 months or 20lbs and has good head control that’s a good time to move into a back carry.  Hip carries are not my preferred choice as they favour muscular imbalances in the parent that can lead to spinal issues.

The best way to protect your spine as you are wearing your growing baby is to make sure that you fasten the support belt tightly around your hips in much the same way you would if you were carrying a backpack.

Many carriers have a shoulder strap that clips together that should be as far down as you can manage – ideally between your shoulder blades.

When I teach my baby wearing workshops mom’s are often surprised by how tight I pull all the straps – hips, chest and shoulder and often they find it makes a big difference in comfort.  Baby will also enjoy being that much closer to your chest and heart.

It is important to consider whether your spine has the strength and stability to continue to carry your child as they get increasingly heavy.  Not all spines can bear the load in which case there are many other wonderful ways to connect with your baby.

There is no question that carrying your baby can be a wonderful bonding experience that enables you to get things done.  It can also be hard on the body if done incorrectly.

Keeping your baby’s hips in a M-position and having proper positioning for your spine will keep everyone’s hips and spines healthy and happy.

Often the best way to know if you are wearing your baby correctly is to have a chiropractor take a look.  If you are in Peterborough and would like to have us check to see if you are wearing your baby correctly please give us a call at 705-991-1555.

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Until next time….

Live Well for Life!

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