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What's the #1 Way to Manage Stress?

Are you wondering what the #1 way to manage stress is?

In today’s video I am going to share that answer with you.

The #1 way to manage stress…

Is the way that works the best for you!

Sorry that I can’t give you the magic pill but there is some relief in knowing that there isn’t one “right” way to manage stress.

If you are trying to do something…let’s take meditation as an example…and it drives you crazy…and you just don’t like doing it.

Then that is not the right way for YOU to manage your stress.

It might be the right way for Mary to manage her stress…but it’s not the right way for you.

So…the best way to manage your stress is to find the tools that resonate with you.

That you ENJOY doing and that you are going to do REGULARLY over time.

Hope you found that helpful.

Until next time,

Live Well for Life

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